Testimonials And Results

Recent Results

  • Criminal Vehicular Operation (CVO) - CVO dismissed. State v. C.H.
  • Domestic Assault - Through William Markert's persistence, charges were amended to Disorderly Conduct. State v. B.G.
  • 3rd Degree DWI and Underage Consumption - Implied Consent License Revocation Rescinded and 3rd Degree DWI dismissed. State v. M.G.
  • Felony Strangulation and Domestic Assault - Case dismissed. State v. W.B.
  • Domestic Assault - Case amended to disorderly conduct. State v. Z.B.
  • DWI-Test Refusal - Test Refusal Driver's License Revocation Rescinded. Client got driver's license back without a one- year license revocation. E.K. v. Commissioner of Public Safety.
  • 4th Degree DWI - Case resolved with amended charge of Careless Driving. State v. C.R.
  • 3rd Degree Damage to Property (Gross Misdemeanor) - Case reduced to petty misdemeanor offense (non criminal). State v. E.H.
  • Third lifetime DWI - Client received probation without any jail. State v. M.S.

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