Hastings Criminal Defense Attorney For Sex Crimes Cases

Being charged with a sex crime is, in some ways, unlike being charged with some other type of crime. The simple act of being charged can create lasting damage to your reputation and your standing within your community. A conviction for a sex crime carries much worse penalties:

  • Prison
  • The possibility of still being held even after serving your sentence
  • Being forced to register as a sex offender

The Realities Of Living As A Registered Sex Offender

Registered sex offenders face a range of drastic limitations on their lives. Failing to abide by those restrictions is a crime itself. Once on the registry, people often make mistakes that create a cycle that has them continually facing new criminal charges. Where you live and where you can work are dictated to you. Your face and name may be on the Internet warning people that you are a sex offender.

Only by acting now can you avoid those consequences.

Think About Your Future. Protect Your Rights.

It is overwhelming to face charges that you committed a sex crime. Being that overwhelmed can prevent even the most levelheaded person from making smart choices about his or her future. It is at just such a time though, that you need to be able to begin working to defend yourself. A skilled criminal defense attorney can begin building the defense you need to avoid a conviction.

We provide our clients with highly skilled defense against all manner of sex crimes, including:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Internet solicitation of a minor and other Internet crimes
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Child molestation
  • Criminal sexual conduct

The Defense You Need From A Former Prosecutor

At Markert Law, PLLC, our firm is skilled at working through the complex evidence that often goes into building a sex-crimes case. We know what is on the line for our clients and we work to ensure that they secure the best possible outcome to their case.

Attorney William Markert Jr. is a former assistant city attorney. He prosecuted hundreds of cases in Rosemount and Hastings during the years he served in that role. His experience as a prosecutor gives him the advantage of understanding how a prosecutor may approach your case, allowing him to strategically tailor your defense.

Contact Our Lawyer If You Have Been Accused Of A Sex Crime

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