Dedicated Lawyer Providing A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges In Hastings

Drug charges can have a devastating impact on your future. Apart from the very real possibility of a lengthy prison sentence and steep fines, there are other consequences that make it imperative that you secure the representation of a lawyer who can help you build a strong case against the charges you are facing.

We offer our skilled representation to those facing possession and other charges related to illegal drugs such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs (Oxycodone, Percocet, Vicodin)

How Can Drug Court And Diversion Programs Help You?

Drug courts and the diversion programs are intended to provide an opportunity to first-time offenders to turn their lives around and avoid the mistakes that led to their arrests. Each county has its own drug court, and the policies and procedures of each are somewhat unique. A key aspect of working through a diversion program is the fact that a person never pleads during the process, so if a person successfully completes the program he or she will have no record.

Avoiding having a record can be the most important part of completing the program. A record for a drug conviction can impact your ability to secure:

  • Financial aid
  • Employment
  • An apartment

The Defense You Need From A Former Prosecutor

At Markert Law, PLLC, we are skilled at looking for the strongest way to secure the best possible resolution for our clients. In many drug-related cases, a close review of how the police gathered evidence may raise questions about whether or not your Fourth Amendment right to be free from illegal search and seizure was respected. If your rights were violated, crucial evidence may be inadmissible. We also understand how to make drug courts and diversion programs work for our clients.

Attorney William Markert Jr. spent years as an assistant city attorney in Rosemount and Hastings prosecuting hundreds of cases. That experience on the other side of the courtroom serves his clients well when they are fighting to protect their futures.

Contact Our Dakota County Attorney If You Have Been Charged With A Drug Crime

The reality of the impact drug charges can have on your future can be hard to grasp. We can build the case you need for a strong defense. Markert Law, PLLC, is there for you when you need us. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 651-964-6415 or contact us online. With a law office in Hastings, we provide skilled legal representation to people in Dakota County and throughout southeastern Minnesota.