Charged With CDL Traffic Violations In The Hastings Area? Our Experienced Attorney Can Help.

For people whose ability to make a living depends on the commercial driver's license (CDL) they carry, protecting those driving privileges is of the utmost importance. Truckers, delivery drivers and others who rely on their CDL to be able to accomplish the duties of their jobs understand the value their CDLs hold. Any threat to their CDL might be a threat to their next paycheck.

With the Flint Hills Resources (formerly Koch Petroleum Group) refinery nearby, our area has a heightened amount of commercial traffic. All manner of professions, including welders, boilermakers, pipefitters and other workers, related to the refinery travel through our area.

Even Minor Issues Can Threaten Your CDL

The risk commercial drivers face of suspension or revocation is higher than that of noncommercial drivers due to the fact that even minor infractions, which would have little to no impact on the driving privileges of most people, can result in the loss or suspension of their CDL.

Exacerbating this situation is the fact that there are laws in Minnesota that prevent prosecutors from charging commercial drivers with offenses, which would avoid an impact to their ability to drive commercially.

Get An Experienced Defense From A Former Prosecutor

At Markert Law, PLLC, we are committed to protecting the commercial driving privileges of our clients. We understand how to construct sound defenses that can effectively protect a driver's CDL from suspension or revocation no matter what the underlying moving violation is. Attorney William Markert Jr. served for four years as an assistant city attorney in Rosemount and Hastings. In that role, he prosecuted hundreds of cases. His experience as a prosecutor can be invaluable to the defense of your CDL.

If A Traffic Ticket Is Threatening Your Livelihood, Contact Our Dakota County Lawyer

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