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An argument in a bar or some other type of heated situation can easily become a physical confrontation, which leads to assault charges. Once the police become involved in these types of situations, there can be a great degree of confusion. Too often, the story the police are able to gather may not be an accurate characterization of what happened. Given that alcohol and drugs are often a part of the situations that lead up to an assault, it is easy to see how witnesses may give conflicting stories, which makes the truth hard to discern.

Were You Forced To Defend Yourself?

The confusion that surrounds bar fights and other assault situations can easily obscure what should have been a clear case of a person being forced to defend himself or herself against an aggressor. You may be facing assault charges for doing nothing more than defending yourself.

Having a skilled assault lawyer representing you can help ensure that your side of the story is heard and that you receive the best defense.

A Former Prosecutor Who Understands How The Other Side Works

At Markert Law, PLLC, our firm defends people against assault and aggravated assault charges with a weapon. We are skilled at effectively pursuing evidence such as surveillance camera footage that can help exonerate our clients. Crucial evidence can often begin to disappear — surveillance footage may be recorded over — this makes it essential that you take action as soon as possible.

Attorney William Markert Jr. offers skill, experience and dedication to truly help his clients. His experience as an assistant city attorney in Rosemount and Hastings helps him see cases from a prosecutor's perspective. Understanding how the prosecution may approach your case can be invaluable in preparing a defense that knows where to focus its strength.

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Assault and battery charges can carry serious penalties that you need to be prepared to do everything you can to avoid. Our lawyer and legal team at Markert Law, PLLC, are there for you when you need us. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 651-964-6415 or contact us online. With a law office in Hastings, we provide skilled legal representation to people in Dakota County and throughout southeastern Minnesota.