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Attorney William Markert Jr., founded Markert Law, PLLC, after serving for four years as an assistant city attorney for Rosemount and Hastings. As a prosecutor, he handled hundreds of cases that covered a wide range of charges. His experience in that role helped shape how he would approach the next chapter of his legal career. He knew how to build cases that could convict a person, but he also knew there were many people who needed skilled and experienced criminal defense representation they could trust to help them come through truly difficult times.

William founded Markert Law, PLLC, to provide those people with representation that can make a difference at a crucial moment in their lives. He knows that facing criminal charges is an unsettling and alien experience for a number of people and that having an experienced guide and advocate can give peace of mind and confidence. Even for those who are familiar with the criminal justice system, knowing that you have someone who is dedicated to helping you, and that your attorney has a record of success, can help you feel hopeful.

Attorney William Markert Jr. is dedicated to delivering highly effective criminal defense representation that puts his clients' needs front and center. Let William help you.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer In Hastings, Minnesota

If you are facing criminal charges, we can help you put forward the defense you need. Markert Law, PLLC, is there for you when you need us. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 651-964-6415 or contact us online.